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The school

 The Athletic club "Echmei Iliou" was founded in 1993. From 1996 up today has activated itself with enormous success in the KARATE and it is a member of Greek Karate Federation.
  "Echmei Iliou" is in Athens in the municipality of Ilion, on IFIGENIAS 17 and PRIAMOU 159 street in the 1st floor, in a clean environment.
he person in charge, Mrs Ifigenia Haralampidou with her daily presence, guarantees the right reception of all athletes as well as their safety during their residence in the school.
 The trainer in the classes of  SELFDEFENCE is Mr Georgios Sigalas, qualified  KARATE instructor from the Greek General Secretariat of Sports and REFEREE in the GREEK KARATE FEDERATION. He began in 1973 and until today he continues being informed in the modern techniques of karate (C.V.-->).
In our club one will find familiar environment and with the right work whith the children, we have managed to create an outstanding society of children, amining at the right training, modern championship, the morals, discipline and great self-confidence. Moreover the hard work and the love for the children, contributed considerably in order that many of our athletes in all these the years, are distinguished in Greek nations - Balkan - International and World championships. Above from all however, they have been distinguished in life, remaining far from anything that can harm them.
For information call (+30) 210-26.26.343 from 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. (and WEEKENDS).
Karate as selfdefence
  Indeed the knowledge allows us to face up immediately and also safely  difficult  situations  in which  runs through danger our personal or our fellowmen safety. Thus with karate and the methods of  selfdefence, we ensure our integrity, at any place and any time, as long as we have the right training  from specialised and recognized trainers.
Career prospects of karate

   According to the greek athletic law 2725/99, the athletes  that achieve discriminations in Paneuropean and World Championships are favored in their professional career, by entering without examinations in Polytechnic schools and Sports Universities  as well as with their engagement in Armed Forces or by entering in the Police School, Fire Fighters and Harbor Guard schools .

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